I think I might be flipping bonkers!

On a whim ,during a late night messenger conversation with a friend, I’ve decided to run 50k on my birthday (New years eve) I’d like to say at the least there was some alcohol involved in the discussion but neither of us drink 🤣..Within 15 minutes, not only was it decided, we’d roped in at least 1 fellow runner for the full distance, several for 5 or 10k increments, roughed out a route, a pit crew to bring us water, (hydrate & cr7 from the Herbalife team) & decided to leave at 5am so we’ll be back by midday for food and a quick sleep and still be able to stay awake for the count down & fireworks 🎆

Wish me luck, I’ve no doubt regular updates will be forthcoming 🤣

September is storming along isn’t it!

#followyourjoy #notquiteultrarunner #herbalife4life

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I'm a really normal woman rapidly approaching 47 with 6 kids, 3 grandkids and a life. I've decided to blog my life from struggles with fitness & food to kids, home and everything that encompasses. Why? Because I realised how many of my friends have the same struggles, while we're all unique we're not so different in the great scheme of things and maybe my mindless information gathering may help you too

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