Rollercoaster life!!

I stumbled upon this draft from a few months ago, in truth I’m not sure when I started it as it was something I dipped in and out of. I haven’t written regularly in ages for many reasons most time related but it’s still pretty valid!

Bloody hell life’s up and down isn’t it? Seriously I think you could write a pretty good tv drama from mine in the last 6 months if not an actual soap opera!

Frustrated isn’t the word today…one day fabulous, the next terrible and so on! last week was much the same. I don’t usually let things get to me but at the moment it’s such a struggle to stay buoyant..
I have faith, usually I give my worries away #godsquad and all is well but no sooner have I done that lately I seem to keep grabbing them back, #self sabotage?!

I think I know the root of the problem, or roots to be precise.

I’ve gained over 10lb in weight since September (probably more like a stone if I’m honest) a lifelong struggle with body dysmorphia has me distraught at this, I have such problems with weight gain, it really shouldn’t be a shock, I’ve been eating far too many calories and that’s the end result. #Emotionaleating

I’m struggling to fit in my usual level of training, an essential part of managing my mental health. I have tried to train 5-6 days a week for over a decade allowing for pregnancies etc #trainformentalhealth

Money!! the root of all evil it may be but it’s also a cushion for blows that come from unexpected areas! A guy in the UK won over £70million on the lotto recently, he said “money can’t buy you happiness but I’m going to try!” 😂 I thought it was a fabulous philosophy. He was on the lowest end of the tax bracket hard working, working class and I felt such joy for him, and the obvious pang of jealousy

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I'm a really normal woman rapidly approaching 47 with 6 kids, 3 grandkids and a life. I've decided to blog my life from struggles with fitness & food to kids, home and everything that encompasses. Why? Because I realised how many of my friends have the same struggles, while we're all unique we're not so different in the great scheme of things and maybe my mindless information gathering may help you too

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