Sugar free February!

For the third year running I’m doing “sugar free February for cancer research. I seriously don’t know anyone unaffected by cancer on some level.

Personally both my parents had it, my mother fully recovered from bladder cancer a few years ago, caught early she barely lost her stride. My father passed away when I was 6 after a battle with a sinus/brain tumour. Despite initial positive indications following radiation it eventually came back to claim him. My step father had bowel cancer but is fully recovered, both his mother and Aunt had it too (also making a full recovery,) although Bessie was found to have a brain tumour years later which was to be her undoing. His sister died 5 years ago following a decade long battle with cervical cancer. Another of his sister’s had to have a kidney transplant following cancer. I should stress I’m not supplying a wo is me list, death comes to us all, it’s the only certainty in life and the majority of these people I wasn’t in close personal contact with.

My mother’s best friend died of breast cancer when I was 21, that was traumatic, she was like another mother to me, it was her & her family we (my brother and I) stayed with when my father was in hospital having treatment and also them I lived with when I was at college in Oxford after my mother had remarried and moved to Pembrokeshire. With Nuala I was at an age where it hurt, not to say losing my father didn’t hurt but I was six. He’d worked full time as an architect in the next county, spent the best part of a year in Bristol having treatment or in Sobel house hospice dying so I was accustom to his absence.

Some families it runs through like wild fire, whether something in their genes or an environmental/social ingredient we’re unaware of currently. I believe while we’re beginning to gain insight we’re yet to know the true implications of our impact both globally on the planet and physically to our health with pesticides, pollution, poor diet, genetic engineering and who knows what else.

So wish me luck, although day 1 was easy in comparison to Veganuary, that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I cheated about day 28 (cheese.) I take my hat off to vegans, just for managing to consume enough calories to maintain muscle mass without being the size of a barn. I gained fat mass and lost muscle over the month. It will come off, I generally default to a norm when I’m not obsessing about food another topic entirely.

Happy Saturday.

A x

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