But are you happy?!

As a rule I’m generally a happy person. I don’t really stress about things I’ve no control over and am happy with my lot. I’m not wealthy, don’t own my own house. My car is a 14 year old people carrier but I do have 6 healthy children, a husband who drives me round the twist, I mean really (the subject of a half drafted blog actually haha!) but he is entirely the right fit for me!

I have faith that everything’s as it should be and the sense of mind to realise things could be good deal worse.

But today I am in the worst mood, there’s a underlying anger buzzing in my soul. Chris aforementioned beloved husband had his CBT (motor bike proficiency test) cancelled for the second time this week, having driven the 12 miles to the airfield to take the flipping test only to discover it was too icy to be messing about on motor bikes (again). I waited to see if it would be cancelled again which was my first mistake if I’m honest, I should’ve just got on with it and not procrastinated, turns out he went for breakfast and that was why he took longer than anticipated. Thinking I was good to go I was trying some kick boxing training to help with my coordination which is terribly poor and trying to push the envelope out of my comfort zone where training is concerned when he came back through the door. I was only 10 minutes in! I think this was the start of it, the bad mood. I’m a creature of habit. I like to make plans and stick to them, this put me out of whack. I also like to be physically active most days, for my mental health if nothing else and it upset both apple carts.

My oldest daughter (27) moved home with her partner and kids a few weeks ago, I’m finding that hard too, not in the practical sense. I take her children to school with mine, collect them with mine and all is well with the world. My oldest son is 9 and has gone to play with his nephew (7) today, I dropped him off while Emily (15) has drama. He was a bit reluctant to go at first because Javiah is on an Xbox ban but having dropped him there, taken Em to drama, picked up Ellie’s (17) wages, and friend and dropped them back to her house (she has lived with her Dad for the last 2 years but stays whenever she feels the need) I bought some paper for art, bread and chocolate spread for sandwiches and took them back for the boys he was happy enough. I need to pry Jenson away from technology as often as possible or he’d literally sit in the same space on the sofa for the rest of time with YouTube on the tv and tablet at the same time!

The same goes for Lewis (6) and Daizy (4) in my day tv was going to give you square eyes, there’s a proven correlation between hours watching television and weight gain over the generations (I won’t be using the Harvard reference system or any other btw šŸ˜‰) now it’s mobile phones, tablets pcs etc.
At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old fart. When I was young we went out to play, in the street with our friends, on our bikes, to the park, we came home when we were hungry or the street lights came on. No one could check up on you, call or text, if you were late you were in big trouble.

I don’t believe any more terrible things are happening now than they were in my day. I remember my mother telling me stories about men talking to her and her sister when they were young (they’re in their 70s now) on the tube to school, trying to grope them or peek at their knickers while climbing trees. She said matter of factly they were men damaged from the war, my grandmother told them not to talk to strangers and stay together so they didn’t and they did. Today there’s so much more publicly about these things, we want to keep our children safe. In my mother’s day it was inconceivable the abhorrent things we now know happen. If a child needed to go on the train unaccompanied you just asked someone in the same carriage to watch them and tell them which stop to get off at. Social services would take a dim view of that now!

I live in the UK, we have Brexit to deal with, don’t get me started on that farce! A homeless population we should be terribly ashamed of but no-one is bombing my country at present. Education is free, health care is free, social housing exists, free money is provided if you’re unable to work for whatever reason. Real contentment has very little to do with money (although a lotto win wouldn’t go a miss) I might be moody but my spirit is content and grateful.
Have a wonderful weekend folks A x
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