I hate you so much right now!!!

A snapshot of emotion, lost in a fleeting glance but no less real than love, compassion, lust or anything else..whether you believe they’re caused by hormonal interaction, electrical impulses or some other fanciful notion emotions rule you!

However in control of them you appear it doesn’t mean you don’t experience them.

For the most part I adore my husband and children, the vast majority of them time we’re a happy family but…

The boys and Em are on the autistic spectrum (Daizy has potential too if I’m honest.) They’re vastly different though in the way they exhibit it.

Contrary to belief this doesn’t mean they lack emotions but they feel and express them differently. Once a melt down is underway there is very little point in attempting to quell the tide of tears, anger, head butting the floor or swearing dependant on which child is involved. It’s all about learning to surf the wave of emotion.

A child or anyone having a meltdown is struggling, in the case of my children it’s often from over stimulation, under stimulation creates it’s own different response. Generally all of them appear to cope with new situations and activities really well, it’s in the quiet time following the event, during the processing of it that situations can become difficult for them and us with the ripple effect.

That said the title of this blog and my first moments of writing weren’t about them at all but as I wrote my thoughts expanded as they do and I went off on a tangent. I was angry at my husband for something trivial and for that second I felt such rage but equally quickly it subsided and here we are.

So if you can take a text message one of two ways, take it the nice way. It’s difficult to interpret the written word or the mood at the time of it’s inception, live positively, spread joy and if you can’t be kind, be quiet, or better still be absent!

Have a great Saturday A x

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