“The devil’s in the detail!” Not in my life he’s not!!!

There’s a whole different person in my corner!

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Call him/her what you like, add or take away what you need but even Jesus said “if you don’t believe in me believe in the one who sent me!” (Or words to that effect!)

My mother is a Christian (other religions are available.) She had an epiphany at about 14 and has tried to live her life by that moral compass ever since; she’s 79 this year! This seems a very advanced age written down, she really doesn’t come across like an elderly lady as her chronological age would suggest.

When I say she has tried to live her life this way she really has. She doesn’t go to church on Sunday dressed to the nines pious or entitled like she believes she’s one of God’s chosen but rather she tries to emulate the teachings of Jesus, whether you believe he was the son of God, a prophet or a work of fiction. The teachings of Jesus have endured over the centuries. Most people would agree they are a good set of values to emulate.

I’m not saying she’s never judged another person, made a hurtful remark or any other negative human traits but she has always tried to love her God with all her heart and love her neighbour as herself..if she can or could ever help someone in need she would endeavour to be a help or support them. If she is wronged, however hurt, she has turned the other cheek.

As a child I believed in God out of fear, I was too scared not to… Fear it might be true and if I didn’t believe he’d smite me or some other notion. I’ve no idea why, how or even when it changed but now I realise the opposite is true. I believe in God and fear the occasional “sinful” doubt, what if I’m wrong? I fear it’s not true!

At the risk of having my house fire bombed by fanatics of any/all denominations, I believe the basic teachings of the Old Testament (the foundation of both Judaism and Christianity) and the Qur’an are fundamentally the same, many people are surprised just how much Jesus appears in the Qur’an, he is holy in Islam too but as a prophet not the messiah.

I’m unashamedly a scientist too, admittedly of sport science not anything evolutionary but I’m also one of many “Christian’s” who happily live in synergy with the 2 identities.

I imagine if an original addition of the Bible turned up (I do know it’s not possible, it being a collection of letters, religious texts over centuries etc before anyone pipes up but bare with me!) It would be quite different to the one we read in English today.

Generation by generation like Chinese whispers, each wronged nation under the phaeros or whatever dynamic adding its 2 pence from their perspective. Later on whoever was in power be it Rome (Henry the eighth onward in the UK) twisting it to their end to control the masses or simply by translating it from language to language.

Even the Qur’an translates differently if the punctuation is changed.

BUT..The basic principles remain, hope springs eternal, faith is the peace in my soul, the positive mind set in my bad day, the absolute trust everything is as it should be and all is well!

All religions have their fanatics, but no religion preaches violence or hatred

Peace to you all whatever your beliefs

A xx

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