Fitbit…other fitness trackers are available!

All I wanted for Christmas and my birthday, (New yrs eve) was a Fitbit Charge 3!

After some amateur dramatics in pretence I wasn’t getting 1, my long suffering husband presented me with 1, I was genuinely surprised, I was really happy with the pyjamas etc I’d already received but this was something I really really wanted. I’m a simple soul with simple tastes, short of new running tights or trainers I seldom want anything. That said if we won the lottery I’d become a woman who wants a great deal so perhaps I have expensive tastes and if I can’t have what I desire I’d rather go without.

Anyway I already had a Charge 2 and was toying with the idea of 1 of the larger more expensive watches but they brought out the 3 and I was sold. My only criticism of the charge 2 was the fact I couldn’t swim in it. The Charge 3 is waterproof to 50m. I was a little disappointed the heart rate doesn’t register when swimming and it registers laps instead but activity is still recorded.

Seriously though I haven’t swum in years, why it was important to me? I think it’s because my goal is to do the Pembrokeshire triathlon before I’m 50. I don’t have a bike, have a dodgy knee and haven’t swum forever but 3 years to train and I believe it’s achievable, pretty sure that was the rational for the charge 3 and I can wear it in the shower who knows how many calories have failed to register!

Seriously if you don’t have a fitness tracker it’s hard to comprehend the subtle obsession but you get to a point you literally hold your breath and try not to move at all when you’re not wearing it. If the fitbit didn’t track it, does it even count?

It’s laughable in the same way a 4.8 mile run becomes 5 because you run up and down the street to round up before you go home. I should point out this isn’t a review just an observation of the mindset of this tracker user.

I finally trained today having not really done so all year. I’ve thrown some kettles about and pretended to myself the half arse burpees I’ve done have been HIIT but my head is back in the game.

I realised the new tracker has been set for non dominant hand meaning I’ve been overestimating calorie burn and activity levels since Christmas day. I am aware I’m a bit obsessive particularly written down and given some thought.

It reminded me of myfitnesspal, I’ve been using mfp since June 2015, and never missed a day giving me way over 1000 day streak. Until September that is, when we had a new kitchen, the laptop was off stashed somewhere up stairs and I smashed my phone trying to calm my frazzled brain going for a run the 1st day the fitters were in (I’d had it 3 days!!) Despite going back over my mfp days and adding entries my streak was gone. I was bereft, really I considered writing to them then realised how insane that sounded. I think I’m 90-100 days in again now but it’s less intense. Watch this space though because I linked the 2 today 🤪 now every step I take adjusts my fitness pal, it might just escalate to a seriously bonkers level. Happy Sunday 😘

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