Veganuary trials & tribulations!

I’m giving veganism, if that’s the word, a whirl for veganuary. Last year I did sugar free February for cancer research, something I intend to repeat as it happens so I figured veganuary would be good for me after the carnivorous excess of Christmas, turkey, gammon pigs in blankets etc Wow it really has opened my eyes to several things.

Firstly the diet is way more limited than I ever imagined, I hear some people talking about the ease of their transition but not for me. When I signed up I must confess I thought “yea no problem quorn bacon, quorn mince, chicken fillets etc,” I wouldn’t notice, not so my vegetarian and omnivorous friends, not so, quorn contains egg!!😳 Ffs, right, love that predictive text immediately replaces ffs with yes btw 😁

I’m struggling, yes there’s vegan cheese made from coconut oil and it’s palatable, nice in fact but it’s got less protein than a pea! Being God squad I’m having trouble looking for let alone finding saitan?! meat substitute. Protein is a factor, at least two meals a day are vegan protein shakes just to ensure I’m getting the minimum required for training.

Also veganism is the dietary equivalent to the word moist! Meat eaters, omnivorous folk whatever; some of them, I wouldn’t like to lump everyone in to 1 category, are vehemently opposed to vegans. I find this strange.

There seem to be at least two camps on either side, on the vegan side there are the ones who only mention their dietary habits when it’s relevant e.g ordering food, in the same way I would with my son Lewis who has an egg allergy or say a meat eater who dislikes lamb (me yuck)..then there are the ones who announce to complete strangers they are vegan and preach like fanatics about the positive implications to health (which are numerous to be fair, certainly in the longevity dept.) the damage to the environment of farming,cruelty to animals and all manner of reasons for their decision.

As far as I can work out on the other side are the omnivorous folk who’ve reached their limit, possibly with the advertising aimed at people like me giving veganuary a bash, you can imagine the pound signs! Or maybe they’re the very people the second type of evangelical vegan have been approaching without invitation; either way they don’t give a flying flip if you’re living off hallucinatory tree bark, they do not want to hear about it!

Then and I find it rather sad, you have the farmers, bee keepers and anyone in an industry or profession that requires what some consider the exploitation of animals to survive financially, these people are understandably anti veganism if not vegans themselves because their livelihood depends on it. Don’t misunderstand me it’s not the so called exploitation of the animals I find sad although I abore inhuman treatment of animals, that is a topic for another time. It’s the bullying these people receive from some factions of vegan society, I hadn’t realised it was even a thing. I should point out I don’t think it’s at all right to bully vegans for their life choices either and there’s definitely a level of ridicule deemed acceptable for “hippy vegan fanatics”

I genuinely can’t believe the strength of opinion on how peoole choose to nourish their bodies. This week in the UK Greggs a high street bakers brought out a meat free sausage roll, probably because of the afore mentioned veganuary (and M&S brought out meat free sausages) headline news for heaven’s sake! People took to Twitter to approve or condemn in droves…seriously first world problem right there!! Live and let live. Goodnight folks enjoy your weekend A x

#vegan #veganuary #firstworldproblems #liveandletlive

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