Every day is like Sunday!

Nope I’m not quoting Smith’s lyrics (80’s band fronted by Morrisey!)

#positivity #middle-age #calmbeforethestorm #Saturday

Seriously, though not sure if it’s because neither my husband or myself have worked much over the holiday season, we’re both self-employed, I’d like to say gainfully but in reality if there’s no work it’s hand to mouth it also means when childcare is more expensive than the income afforded from said work you’re better off (I use the the term lightly) downing tools.

I’m rambling, I know, so unlike me I’m usually so consise 😶. Today is Saturday 5th January 2019, interestingly I haven’t had a problem with the date but from about Monday I’ve been fairly convinced it’s Sunday I suppose it might be because a programme I like starts tomorrow and I’m willing it on but it’s more likely the culmination of no routine, no work or school and the continuing ever escalating bizarre events of the last few weeks, (daughter moving home, house falling through,mad panic trying to prevent homelessness etc)

Oddly the weird blip in my faith, blind panic and depression/anxiety over these events has gone, Thank goodness frankly because I’m not sure how people live day today without the hope created by faith if not in God then the universe or at the very least themselves. That said I could be at such a level of stress I am calm, either way positivity rocks and I’m at one with it all. Happy Saturday A x

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