Calm calm and calm!

The amazbobbins Barbara Curry says that in 1 of her yoga videos, yes video I’m that old!

Just posted yet another blog no one will read in my blog the year challenge, funny because it was from yesterday somehow I failed to publish it.

Reading it back wow..what a difference a day makes. I was genuinely more anxious/stressed/troubled than I’ve been in 10 years. All my go to stress busters weren’t working from prayer (yes unashamedly God squad) to exercise/yoga failed to work…When I say failed to work prayer failed because I failed to have faith, I gave away the worry, immediately took it back, then felt guilty and the cycle continued until I asked for help from the family wassap group. As soon as Donna prayed for the situation I was calmer if not completely better, daft because obviously I feel she has more influence with the man/woman upstairs than me ha!

Exercise/yoga failed to work because I failed to do any, back to mindset v motivation I mentioned before. Anyway my head is a nicer place to be today, I have done a small amount of physical activity for my soul,eaten some banana brownies for my chocolate addiction, while remaining vegan and my poor family can get off the egg shells.

I have a feeling it will all work out despite everything being the same as it was yesterday! #90%attitude #life #herbalife4life

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