What a day!

It has been a hell of a day even by my chaotic standards.

The house rental for the eldest daughter finally fell through, she was due to come home on Saturday (yup, it’s Wednesday so in 3 days) her furniture was due to follow the next weekend for reasons I won’t go into not least because I’m not sure why myself, perhaps because Shàe can pack more efficiently without the children there. 5 hours, many a hasty phone call, more stress that I have felt in many moons and a Facebook appeal later..I’m 90% sure we have secured her a house. Remarkably 1 we lived in when she was a child some 20 years ago, I like to think of it as a good omen.

Only a few hurdles to go, I prefer the term challenges to rise to if only because a positive mind set manifests positive results!

We need a guarantor because she’s still signed off from work having so recently left hospital and needs housing benefit until Shàe is working, my credit rating is pants so I won’t do but..

We need a months rent in advance, £550 bond £90 each adult and £60 to use a guarantor, none of these were needed at the previous place, but that said it needs no work. All these things will be sorted because there is no option, the alternative doesn’t bare thinking about..

I’m struggling with my emotions towards the previous prospective landlady, it must have been horrendous to feel I was throwing away her things and bringing people in to view her chaos but I wasn’t I was just concerned nothing would get done and time was ticking making me uncharacteristically anxious.

Some people can’t cope with things and rather than deal with them as they arise allow them to mount up, then the situation is so large they loose their home (or the filth is floor to ceiling.) Procrastinating at its finest, I do understand that overwhelming feeling, not knowing where to start and I can imagine the anxiety involved if someone was going through my things but if I hadn’t used them in 2-24 years I’d probably assume it was something I could live without!! So while she has my genuine sympathy, the lioness in me sees my child struggling with mental health and other issues that have plagued her and this woman just poured salt on the wounds, I’m not one to cut people off but a message from her fiance on messenger has come through while I’m blogging and for now at least I have no intention of opening it! A x

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