90% me!

I’ve just completed my first bit of training in 2019, so recently I’m typing in a sports bra damp with sweat, (I nearly said moist but it really is cringe worthy isn’t it? uch) Just some interval plyometric nonsense but it really brought home something that’s been lingering in my brain for some time.

Motivation is all in your head, this morning’s work out was physically no more difficult than normal, if anything it was easier, I started out all positive, “this is nearly over already!” singing in my head, “it’s only 8 exercises” but by about the forth I was literally talking myself out of it. It was really hard, the more I talked the harder it became, and I’m ashamed to say, rather than pushing through as I would normally, I ended up doing 3 rounds and not the 4 I was convinced I’d do at the start.

I’ve been aware attitude plays a huge part in motivating my training for a long time, you read it everywhere, can do attitude and all that but I really thought about it this morning and it’s not just training, it’s every aspect of my life. Over time I’ve had periods where life’s challenges have seemed insurmountable, I’m not sure if it was depression because it runs in the family and training is my antidepressant or maybe maturing has bought me peace, faith because experience teaches you things always work out and it’s seldom the things you prepare for with futile worrying that side swipe you or something else but what is certainly true it mindset matters.

When I was wallowing in self pity, mentally defeated before I started life seemed harder. I should point out my husband and kids are great and when I was miserable my relationships weren’t but as a rule now I am a positive person. Rewind 20 years and I wasn’t. Chronologically I’m the same but I’ve been upgraded like a computer, little by little the pessimist has been replaced by the eternal optimist and life is easier. To sound like a cheesey Facebook meme There is always something positive to be found you just need to look for it, if you can’t find it, be it! Have a good day A x

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