January 1st is THE date to aim for to begin anything in the growth/positive change department. Typically a new health and fitness routine/quitting smoking etc. I’m doing veganuary (vegan for January) which will be interesting, vegetarian I can do easily but vegan will be a challenge (I love cheese more than most people!) I regularly use meal replacement shakes, I’m not going to bang on about which one, this blog isn’t about that but fortunately they brought out some vegan flavours in the UK last year and it will be much easier in that area.

I also do 21 day healthy eating challenges every month, I guess they’re like mini Jan 1st the date to start new (what does that make a Monday micro New year?) Fortunately the next one doesn’t start until 7 Jan so I should be well into it by then.

It’s an online community thank goodness, (I don’t see people.) I’ve been rubbish since September, there in name only (comfort eating all the way) but I’ve had months I’ve smashed it with the accountability and friendship it offers. Only as much social interaction as you want, some months I’ve been a voyeur other times I’ve immersed myself in it. All good for a loaner like me. I’m hoping it’s the boot up the butt I need.

So far I’ve had a green tea, I’m toying with a cafe latte shake with almond milk if only for the vitamins, I’m not sure chocolate orange and shloer count as one of your five a day, that’s been pretty much all the fruit I’ve consumed since Dec 22, don’t get me started on vegetables. My body is feeling it though not to mention the strain on my poor clothes, skin like that of a pubescent teen. I really don’t do things by half so it could be something to do with replacing water and tea with Baileys and cappuccino but here’s to new beginnings, the road to recovery starts here!

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