Well I’m 47, nothing much has changed, I have made some resolutions largely because binge watching Doctor Who while consuming several litres of Baileys, kilos of chocolate and mince pies with or without brandy butter have not been kind to my waist line or my skin for that matter. A distinct lack of H20 hasn’t helped either. It’s amazing how fast a taste for herbal tea and spinach and avocado smoothies can be replaced by quality street and no bake chocolate yule log!

My birthday wasn’t so bad in the end, it came and went without the pressure to be happy because it’s expected of you. Chris is still ill, he annoyed me if I’m honest, it sounds petty (because it is!) but he wrote to Alley from Chris in my card. What’s the problem? We never ever call each other by name (told you it was petty.) My annoyance is made even more ridiculous by the fact that I really don’t care if he calls me Alley, although he never does he calls me Alice if he calls me anything, it being my name and all…I digress he never calls me by name and is offended if I call him Chris, like really, it’s like I called him mate or something so for him to call me Alley was hurtful and led me to wonder if there’s a problem if he is subconsciously calling me Alley (not even Alice.) Anyhow over thought that and if there is a problem it’s his, he can keep it until he’s prepared to share it.

On a positive note I’ve been whining about the house I’m meant to be preparing for my daughter’s little family to move into, the universe is against me and so on, nope turns out it may actually have been a good thing, I know faith in all things, I should know by now. The previous occupants have been in and made a start. I was worried I’d throw things out they need etc but they’ve been in without me and done far more than they would have if I’d been there coordinating (taking over.) Not that I’ve been there and may yet regret my lack of input but they can’t have made it worse and my mind set is way better, a win win.

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