So it’s my birthday, as previously stated I’m trying to embrace it, I do think the universe is trying hard to do a factory reset though (birthday hater fyi)

For the fifth day in a row my plans are out the window to save you reading back, a brief synopsis, I have 12 days to clean the house of a hoarder for my daughter to move in to with her family!

I feel sure the universe is messing with me, in the same way it does when you say outloud your child slept through the night, or had a dry bed then you spend the following 6 months waiting for a recurrence. I said out loud I would embrace the day of my birth, it’s trying to restore me to factory setting!

Not only has my beloved been ill for 5 days, Lewis (6) woke up saying “Oh great now there’s poop in my onesie!” He was not kidding, I have never seen so much poop in or out of a onesie, looking at this from a positive perspective, if only to irritate the universe, at least he was wearing one, more often than not he’s naked below the waist in bed, I don’t want to even imagine. This turn of events mean the small folk are unable to go to nursery so I can clean hoarder-ville..more delays.

I wonder what else today has in store?! I’ll be back today, if only for therapy so will refrain from wishing anyone happy new year just yet, have a good day A x

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