Perception’s a funny thing!

Took the ferals to soft play today because we were all stir crazy after 3 days of Christmas tv, games and far too much tablet/youtube interaction. My children would watch other people playing video games/paradys or unboxing toys from now to eternity. I thought it would help them get their heart rates up a bit, children need 60 mins a day yada fact they posed in Peppa pigs car and argued over the grab machine in the little arcade area and then we came home to a still poorly Daddy who had been Googling hot toddy recipes in his isolation.

People watching in those places is fascinating, none of us are inclined to believe the worst of our off spring but some of us dig deeper and realise ours are probably the instigators of all things. Actually we probably fall into 2 camps allowing for a greyish area at either end, those who think their children are responsible for everything and those who just know it was the other guys kid. Sorry for my ferals because I usually blame them, if not openly with my inner voice, not to say I don’t defend and support them but 3 of them are somewhere on the Autistic spectrum (yes I am aware everybody is somewhere but you get the point, with our lot it’s official, I believe my husband and I are to but that’s a matter for another day.) Because of the way they look at life it’s very hard for them to see another person’s view point. Jenson is literal to the point of infuriated pedantic to a fault. He can do XYZ but anyone else tries to bend the rules and it’s like he Polices life. No empathy, no sense of humour except for puns that said he’s a thoroughly good egg and will defend his sibling everytime. Arguments are fairly common because misunderstandings happen so often and he has no concept of social cues of facial expression. Lewis likes his own way too but can empathise or he does a better job of cutting and pasting appropriate behaviour than his brother. He’s a showman and I have no doubt he’ll be a choreographer or something. Obviously I adore them they’re my children and as such their little quirks are normal to me. It’s only when you’re in an environment like that where there are lots of children and their adults that you can see the different way people see the world, parent, cope etc.

After thought:- really need to address our eating habits, mine seem to have included chocolate biscuits and cappuccinos with or without Baileys for the past week and the children haven’t been much better minus the Baileys. It’s so hard to rein in ones sweet tooth once it’s been given its head but rein it in we must, sugar being the new smoking and all that.

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